EzyDog Harness - An Award Winning and Awesome Dog Harness!

Published: 17th March 2011
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It's been just shy of three years since my husband and I decided on expanding our family. With that being said, we got our first dog named Gido (he's a shiba inu). Close to a year later we decided on another shiba inu (that share the same shiba father as Gido) we named Mochi.

Since the first day Gido entered our lives, we started our mission to find the best of the best dog products for our shiba inus. Like other dog owners, we only wanted to best quality products for our furry family members.

We took our time researching and "testing out" various brands of dog collars, dog leashes, dog harnesses - everything a dog should have and more. We've had some false expectations, but on the flipside, we found many great, great, super great products for Gido and Mochi. I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

An absolute favorite of mine is the EzyDog Harness (Industry Award Winning!). As mentioned, Gido and Mochi have a ton of dog apparel and dog accessories, however on their daily walks and weekend hikes, they wear the EzyDog Harness. The EzyDog Harness is made of hi-quality nylon material with light reflective strands (which is a great safety feature as it provides enhanced visibility when walking at night). The chest plate is made of EVA foam rubber that actually conforms to the shape of your dog's chest which makes it ultra comfortable to wear. The harness is easily adjustable and lightweight.

Another value added to this harness is a swivel seat belt restraint that is made of actual seat belt-grade nylon webbing. The seat belt restraint is included with the purchase of the EzyDog Harness. I am sure we share the same concern with many pet owners that safety is a priority when our dogs are traveling in our vehicle. These belt restraints keep them safe when we're out and about (which is all the time!).

We've had the EzyDog Harness for over 2 years now and it looks as good as new. From salt water beaches, through mud-drenched hikes, historical snowfalls, and daily walks, the EzyDog Harness doesn't skip a beat. EzyDog has great products and we absolutely love them all, most of all it's affordable.

Just recently EzyDog added the Quick Fit Harness to their product line. The name says it all, quick! I'll share my thoughts and my honest option on this very soon. Stay tuned.

If you are curious about this award-winning harness, check out theEzyDog harness and read reviews of other happy dog lovers. Come on by, we'd love to see you. http://www.thepoochstore.com

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